Dr. Oswald Harrison

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Dr.Oswald Harrison
Other names: N/A
Born: Unknown
Species: Human
Reality: Third
Occupation: Founder of Oswald Asylum, Doctor, Psychologist
Relationships: Clara and Mia (Patients)

Fran Bow (Patient)

Grace Dagenhart (Aid)

Dr. Marcel Deern (Colleague)

León Castillo (Colleague)

Dr. Oswald Harrison is the founder of Oswald Asylum and a highly recognized psychiatrist, specializing in twin studies and experimenting on those who can perceive the other realities. He is the primary antagonist of Fran Bow, though he is only seen in portraits and pictures until the final chapter.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He is an old man probably in his late 80's. He has white hair and a beard. He uses a wheel chair, as shown in photos of him both young and old.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about Dr. Oswald Harrison's personality, but he seems to be very into his work. He will do anything to complete his tasks, even murder. He has partnered with Grace, Fran's aunt, to continue his studies on Fran and those who can see the other realities. From his actions it can be inferred that Dr. Oswald is very ambitious and driven, if not a bit mentally unstable himself. His motivations in the game seem to be directed towards gaining knowledge opposed to fame or fortune, as he never mentions his discoveries pertaining to twins to have gained him a great deal of recognition yet doesn't seem to mind. However, we can also assume he is vain to an extent as he displays pictures of himself throughout the asylum in addition to naming it after himself. He also could be considered very cruel or very cold as he has no qualms with murdering people to get what he wants, including children and his own patients and employees (as we can see he had Dr. Deern constrained to a shock therapy chair and would perhaps have had some unsavory plans for him had Fran not intervened). He is very manipulative as seen through several points in the game: him getting Fran's nurse to claim that she was deceased, despite the nurse knowing that was not the case, getting Fran's drugs switched to a higher dosage or perhaps dangerous version of Duotine, manipulating Grace into betraying her sister and her niece, recruiting Remor, the prince of darkness, to be his mere lackey and to do his dirty work, though this charm is not infallible as Dr. Deern, Lucia Dagenhart and Fran seems to see right through Dr. Oswald's charm and ambition.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He experimented on the twins Clara and Mia and is the one who sewed them together to see how their DNA would react. This is revealed by Dr. Marcel Deern.
  • He worked with Lucia and Grace Dagenhart (Fran's mother and aunt) when they were younger.
  • He has three self-portraits throughout the Oswald Asylum: one in the main entrance, one in the dining room, and one in the basement.
  • He carries a gun very reminiscent to that found in the nurses desk at the beginning of the game. While this could be considered a coincidence, it could also imply a deeper relationship between the two which is further implied by their history working close together (photo found of the team studying twins shows her as well as Dr. Oswald among others), and her willingness to lie to protect his and the asylum's integrity.
  • It is revealed in a photo that he at some point knew León Castillo and both worked with Grace & Lucia Dagenhart as well as Mia & Clara Buhalmet.
  • Judging by a picture of him in his youth, it can be speculated that he was either born with leg weakness or was in some sort of disabling accident as even when he was young he required the aid of a wheelchair.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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